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September 6, 2011

Yamaha introduces 2012 Sport Boats

2012 Yamaha SX190

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In one of Yamaha Motor Canada’s biggest marine launches ever, the company introduces a brand new line of 19-foot Sport Boats and all-new 21-foot platform, embodying the same luxury and comfort found on Yamaha’s award winning 24-foot Series of boats.

“We’re very excited about the new SX190 and AR190 Sport Boats,” says Jean-Francois Rioux, Yamaha Motor Canada’s Marine Product Manager. “Our goal was to expand our Sport Boat line up to offer more affordable options to get on the water, especially for younger families. But at the same time, we didn’t want to give up anything that makes Yamaha Sport Boats so comfortable, well designed and thought out.”

That goal has been met: the new 190 Series features Yamaha’s unique internal drivetrain (or “jet power”) and a compact, 1.8L 4-stroke marine engine, which allows a more spacious cockpit than competing brands. There’s not an inch of wasted space, and the 190 Series maintains Yamaha’s award winning stern lounge that sits, literally, only a few inches above the water.

Joining the new 190 Series is a new 21-foot platform, with an all-new hull and deck design for even more room in the bow, cockpit and on the stern swimming lounge. Yamaha’s 21-foot boats include the 212SS, 212X, SX210 and AR210. The high performance 212SS and 212X feature twin 1.8L Yamaha marine engines; they are compact, lightweight and a high power to weight ratio delivers 19 percent more horsepower, top of class acceleration and top speed.

Yamaha’s flagship 24-foot line returns with new colours, graphics and a black powder coated tower option on the 242 Limited S. Models include the 242 Limited S, 242 Limited, AR240 and SX240.

Also, as Rioux explains, all of Yamaha’s 2012 Sport Boats come standard with a new technology to maximize control and manoeuvrability. “Unique to all Yamaha Sport Boats for 2012 is a low-speed-handling-technology that maximizes steering control. This new design directs water flow at an optimum angle, creating more responsive handling as the boat is turned right or left at slow speeds.”

In addition to that, every boat with a watersports tower will now have a tower that folds down, enabling them to be stored more easily, he says.

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