Known for its Flybridge models, Carver has been less present on the scene in recent years. Now under Marquis Yacht, the brand is back with a vengeance for 2014 with a new line of three models, all bearing the C badge: 2014 C34, C37 and C40. They all feature lines that combine the best of classic and modern sensibilities. The manufacturer is moving in a new directio—and it’s for the best.

The more affordable C3 is a good compromise between space and compact size. Its upper bridge adds to its charm. The C37 is unique in that it doesn’t have an upper bridge, and thus falls into the sport coupe category. While this configuration is a little less practical, it adds to the vehicle’s style and dynamic character. Finally, the C40 crowns the line-up. Featuring larger dimensions, it’s more spacious. Its low-profile upper deck is convenient and doesn’t cramp the boat’s style.