Every year I do my annual pilgrimage to the Miami Boat Show, the place where boating enthusiasts go to dream. Not only are there endless boats to discover, it’s also a great place to shop for boat accessories and products. Everything from clothes to electronics, docking accessories, toys and other gadgets are on offer, most of them in a main tent. It’s hard not to buy them all.

There are also plenty of maintenance products available, and what boat owner doesn’t want to preserve the condition of their vessel? While presentations on so-called miracle products are common, when things look too good to be true we often wonder if they are actually just a rip off. Can these products really be as good as they say?

Having recently bought a new boat along with a few badly rusted chrome accessories, I spent a long time checking out the various cleaning products. Several claimed to be able to restore my exhaust manifolds back to their original condition, as they had yellowed slightly due to heat.

My interest turned to Flitz, a company that specializes in chrome and metal cleaning agents. The representative did a quick demo, convincing me to try the product.  Armed with a tube of Flitz and a Buff Ball (a rotating brush that you put on a drill), I set out to clean my rusted parts. Imagine my surprise when the product did what it was supposed to do! The parts were shining within minutes—it was so fast and easy! The rotating brush came away from the operation looking very stained, though. Hopefully a quick wash will restore it to its original condition. In all, just half a tube of Flitz was enough for me to clean all the metal and chrome parts on the boat.

At just $45, this product is very reasonably priced. It worked great for me and I’ll be sure to always keep some on hand. It can be used for several different purposes, including cleaning plastic, jewelry, etc.

The skeptics have been convinced!

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