The yachting industry has really changed in the past few years. Today, enthusiasts prefer shorter jaunts over spending a whole weekend on board. That’s one of the reasons why manufacturers are now focusing on bowriders, centre consoles and pontoon boats. All of these crafts are increasingly popular.

At Chaparral, the sportiest model is the SSX series, which includes the 29-foot Chaparral 287 SSX. Its dimensions position it in the middle of the lineup, trailing the 33-foot Chaparral 337 SSX, which is the biggest in the family. But the 287 SSX remains very practical thanks to its large size.

Despite its dimensions, the Chaparral 287 SSX, has just one engine. The basic version is equipped with either a 6.2-litre Mercury engine or a Volvo V-8 350 -developing 350 horsepower. The top-of-the-line the engine generates 430 horsepower, but you’ll have to be ready to pony up for it.

Technology is constantly evolving. Gone is the analog instrumentation from the Chaparral 287 SSX, replaced by digital instruments that appear on two screens. You can customize the display to meet your needs.

Basically, what makes the Chaparral 287 SSX a versatile boat is its size and open deck, helping the craft maximize the number of passengers on board while being able to take on rougher waters without getting pushed around.